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      Redmi S2

      16MP AI-Selfies

      12MP + 5MP dual rear camera
      Precise bokeh effect
      2+1 Card Slot
      4500k soft-toned light
      AI-based algorithms

      Self-expression, Social, and Self-portraits

      What makes Redmi S2 so unique? It's a smartphone with self-expression at its heart, with a front facing camera designed to capture you and everything that makes you different.

      12MP+5MP dual camera

      Precise bokeh effect

      16MP front camera

      4500k soft-toned light

      AI-based algorithms

      Look your best with AI Beautify 4.0

      5.99" HD+

      18:9 Full screen display

      2+1 Card Slot

      256GB microSD support


      14nm octa-core processor

      Take vibrant photos with the AI dual camera

      The 12MP + 5MP dual camera features large 1.25μm pixels,
      captures more light and produces quality photos in low-light.
      The AI portrait mode gives your photos depth and a beautiful bokeh effect.

      The dual camera with AI plus portrait mode can make the front and rear scenes
      more hierarchical, and achieve the cream like virtual effect.


      Large Pixel


      Dual Rear Camera

      Perfecting selfies, be it day or night

      Redmi S2 features a 16MP front camera and a LED Selfie-light with 4500k temperature to simulate natural white light. Now you have perfect selfies, even under dimly-lit environments.


      Front Camera




      Front auto

      Soft-toned light

      Super pixel: Quality photos in low-light

      Super pixel combines four pixels into a single large pixel. This reduces noise, captures more light, and overall improves photos taken in low-light conditions.


      AI down to the finest detail

      Redmi S2's cameras are powered by AI-based computing engine and optimized through deep learning. This combination makes taking flawless selfies easier than ever.


      AI beautifies you more naturally

      Experience digital makeovers with AI Beautify 4.0. Take on flattering filters and features such as skin smoothening and contouring.

      Wider selfie angle

      Leave no one out from group selfies with Redmi S2's front camera 79.8° wide-angle lens!

      Explore limitless beauty

      18:9 Full screen display

      Redmi S2's 18:9 full screen display allows more to be viewed while retaining the dimensions of a tradional phone. View and immerse yourself in the full experience.


      what you do with just one hand

      Switch between tasks with just a swipe of a finger

      Home screen

      Open Recents

      Go back

      Sleek design to match the stylish you

      The slim design and natural curves of Redmi S2 make it a joy to hold. The decorating lines on the top and bottom are designed with precise angles and positions as if they were the most beautiful skylines.

      Watch redmi S2 video

      Perform more and consume less with the Snapdragon 625

      Redmi S2 is powered by Qualcomm? SnapdragonTM 625 processor.
      The cutting-edge 14nm technology exhibits high performance and consumes less power.

      2+1 card slot

      Live dual lives with Redmi S2's Dual Sim feature.
      Never worry about space again with the massive 256GB expandable memory.

      More on Redmi S2

      Octa-core processor

      Supports PDAF

      Fingerprint sensor

      Infrared remote control

      3080mAh battery

      See specs >