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      Four cameras, all-new AI portraits

      Redmi Note 6 Pro is Xiaomi’s first smartphone
      with AI-powered quad-camera

      12MP + 5MP dual camera

      AI dynamic bokeh, Dual Pixel Autofocus

      20MP + 2MP AI Portrait Selfie

      Dual selfie camera

      AI-based algorithms

      27 different categories

      AI portrait 2.0

      6 new bokeh effects

      4000mAh two-day battery

      19:9 Full Screen Display

      SnapdragonTM 636

      14nm octa-core KryoTM processor

      Dual selfie camera: Brighter portrait

      The first Redmi phone with a front facing dual camera.
      Offer amazing photo quality and perfectly lit selfies with its dual camera setup and 4-in-1 Super Pixel.

      AI rear camera: Instant masterpieces

      Even in low light, photos remain bright and detailed.
      The 12MP + 5MP dual camera features massive 1.4μm pixels captures more light
      and produces brilliant photos in low-light;
      Dual Pixel Autofous enhance a high quality picture with drastically improving focus speeds

      AI Dual camera
      Natural background blurring

      1.4μm large pixels
      Perfect shot in lowlight condition

      Dual Pixel Autofocus
      Capture birllant moments

      The thinking camera: Smart AI

      The rear dual camera's AI is capable of detecting 27 types of scenes instantly.

      Adding 6 different kinds of lens flare effects to give the photos a dream-like quality. Capture brilliant photos intelligently.

      • AI dynamic bokeh

        Add swirls and shapes to your brokeh lights with our AI dynamic bokeh

      • AI scene detection

        Automatic optimizations capture vast scenic beauty

      *Note: The AI dynamic bokeh and AI scene detection will not be available out-of-the-box and will be available via OTA. Please refer to the official MIUI website (en.miui.com) for future releases of this feature.

      Superior configuration
      Better performance

      We thoroughly optimized MIUI for use with the Qualcomm? Snapdragon? 636 octa-core processor
      for strong, perfect performance.

      High capacity battery
      Uninterrupted performance

      The 4000mAh high-density battery stays charged longer so you won't need to keep charging.

      *Note: Endurance test results are obtained from Xiaomi laboratory data

      More on

      Redmi Note 6 Pro

      • 3-choose-2 SIM slot
      • |
      • Rear fingerprint sensor
      • Max 256GB Vfat microSD
      • |
      • Smart PA