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      Mi Sphere CameraKit

      Moments come in 360°
      23.88 effective MP|3.5K video recording|6-axis EIS

      IP67 rating
      * The standard version does not include a memory card. For recommended U3 microSD cards, please see the specifications page.
      • 360° field of view
      • 23.88 effective MP
      • 3.5K video recording
      • IP67 rating
      • 6-axis EIS
      Life isn't boring
      your photos shouldn't be either
      Experience more than meets the eye

      Play video

      Record every moment in 360°

      • Dinner with friends

      • Outdoor activities

      • Playtime with your children

      • Travelling

      360° Panoramic View

      An ultra wide-angle high aperture lens + Reflective prism eliminates blind spots

      Panoramic cameras will create a blind spot according to the size of their body. We've minimized the blind spot on both sides using

      two 190° wide-angle fish eye lenses with large F2.0 aperture and two mirrors. Mi Sphere Camera integrates exceptional components

      and high-level design in both optical structure and build quality.

      7K panoramic photo

      Up to 23.88 effective megapixels

      Dual 1/2.3" Sony image sensors are highly light sensitive
      at 1600W, allowing seamless transitions at
      resolutions of 6912x3456 (up to 7K)

      3.5K ultra-high definition panoramic video
      Nearly 360° recording

      Professional-grade image fidelity

      The two lenses automatically calibrate and adjust the image
      and colors - ensuring smooth video recording at
      3456×1728/30fps or 2304×1152/60fps.
      This is perfect for indoor, outdoor, travel,
      business, journalism, film, and other uses.

      Powerful image stabilization at high-quality
      Video remains clear even while in motion

      Hardware-level EIS

      6-axis EIS corrects for movement in multiple directions
      - even while skiing, skydiving, bungee jumping,
      or other high-speed movements

      More than just a 360° panoramic camera
      Connect to the app
      to discover interesting features and games

      Every second, the world around you changes.

      Now you can record these changes with a simple to use APP

      Mi Sphere Camera makes time lapse photography easy.
      Just set the delay using the exclusive app
      to record time-lapse video。

      Capture up to 8 seconds in a moment

      Up to 8s exposure

      Mi Sphere Camera is perfect for busy urban nights.
      Using the app, easily configure a long exposure
      shot of up to 8s for unique
      nighttime photography

      Simple memory management

      Pick and choose which memories to save

      Clip and cut your videos at will,
      string together your favourite moments of each video

      • Edit
      • Music
      • Filter
      Keep shooting amazing panoramic images and video
      with a high capacity battery and fast charging.

      This 360° camera is a beautiful display
      of both design and performance.

      Shoot more

      Built-in 1600mAh battery and Quick Charge 2.0

      On just one charge, Mi Sphere Camera can record up
      to 75/90 minutes of HD panoramic video with
      Wi-Fi on/off - and up to 200 photos

      *Test data, actual results may vary based on individual conditions.

      Slim & easily carried


      Measuring only 12mm at its thinnest point,
      Mi Sphere Camera is highly portable and can be carried in a bag,
      pocket, or hand. Take panoramic photos anywhere, anytime

      Don't fear the elements

      Temperature, wind, and water resistant

      The unexpected happens, and Mi Sphere Camera is ready for it.
      Alongside IP67 dust and water proofing, Mi Sphere Camera has
      been tested in temperatures of -10℃ to 45℃

      • Dustproof
      • Waterproof
      • Tested in -10℃ to 45℃
      *Water and dust resistance were tested under controlled lab conditions. Resistance may fail due to wear and tear or over time. Damage caused by immersion in liquid is not covered by warranty.

      Durable yet elegant

      Intricate internal components protected
      by a highly engineered outer shell.

      The frame is cut from a single piece of aluminum alloy.
      Both cameras are mounted from inside out, accenting the device's
      beauty while enhancing its build quality. Edges are made incredibly
      smooth through a unique CNC cutting process, and the surface is
      sandblasted for perfect hand feel. This is the panoramic camera
      you want to bring with you all over the world.

      Life moves forward, but a photo is life frozen in time.
      Every turn could be the beginning of a new adventure.
      Moments come in 360°, and so does this camera.
      *All above data is based on lab tests. Results may vary based on individual conditions.