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      Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

      Sleek aluminum chamber
      Tangle-free flat cable
      Aerospace-grade metal diaphragm

      Elegant in aluminum

      Light yet scratch-resistant, the aluminum sound chamber is anodized for a sleek finish and features a finely engraved CD-like pattern to prevent it from slipping. Delicate details like the chamfered edge feels smooth in hand and adds an elegant touch.

      Comes with two additional earbud sizes (S / L)

      A sound to resonate with

      The diaphragm uses a combination of aerospace-grade metal and PET to create a balanced and solid sound. Tuned and optimized across popular music genres including pop, rock, dance and more.

      • Aerospace-grade metal
      • Composite structure
      • Strong magnetic density

      3rd gen balanced damping system

      Uniquely designed, the 3rd generation balanced damping system enhances sound and air flow. It separates air flow at the front of the chamber and lets sound through the back to create a mellow and transparent sound.

      Fashionably flat

      The simple, stylish cable is designed with an inner cable wrapped in Kevlar for extra durability. Outer lined with PET, the flat cable is smooth to the touch and is resistant to bends and tangles.

      Press for play

      Pause, play, answer and hang up calls conveniently with a simple press of a button. Compatible with Mi phones, Android and iOS devices.

      Microphone Play / pause

      Even easier to plug and play

      By flattening a section of the headphone jack, we created a handle for your fingers. This allows you to plug the headphones in and out with minimal effort.

      Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

      • Type:In-Ear
      • Speaker impedance:32Ω
      • Weight:14g
      • Cable length:1.25m
      • Jack type:3.5mm nickel-plated
      • Rated power:5mW
      • Frequency Response Range:20-20,000Hz
      • Standard:GB/T 14471-2013
      • Serial number:HSER02JY
      • Package contents:A set of Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic
      • Earbuds:Additional S/L size options