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      Mi Power Bank2S

      Dual USB outports | 2-direction charging | Lithium polymer battery

      Your perfect travel companion

      The new Mi Power Bank 2S (10000mAh) is light, convenient and portable. The dual USB outports support multiple charging protocols, making it a partner in your travels that won't let you down.

      Dual USB outports

      One port just isn't enough for all your charging needs

      The power bank is equipped with two USB outports. The ports not only use more precise circuit controls, they also ensure that two smart devices can be sufficiently charged at once.

      High charging efficiency
      Power output as high as 18W

      The Mi Power Bank 2S (10000mAh) can charge at up to 18W (12V, 1.5A/9V, 2.0A), cutting back significantly on charging time.

      Supports multiple charging protocols
      Charges phones faster

      Rapidly charges devices using two outports that support multiple charging protocols with output up to 14W. When outputting charge simultaneously, each port can reach 5V/2.4A at a combined 15W. This is a power bank charges fast and charges smart.

      10000mAh capacity
      meets your daily needs

      Actual capacity of 6500mAh, a conversion rate of 90%

      The Mi Power Bank 2S (10000mAh) can charge your devices with an actual capacity of 6500mAh, providing your phone, tablet or digital camera with lasting charge time.

      Updated build
      Comfortably held in one hand

      Anode oxidized aluminum alloy casing + 180° arced edges

      The surface of the unibody casing has undergone a process of anode oxidization that increases its strength to prevent scratching, damage, and even corrosion from sweat. With a meticulously crafted surface and ergonomically arced edges, this case was built to be held

      Lithium polymer core meets the needs of all your devices

      Equipped with a high quality lithium polymer core

      The High quality lithium polymer core reliably and durably provides charge to Xiaomi phones, tablets, digital cameras, and other smart devices including mainstream phones, tablets and computers.

      Supports small current charging

      Double press the button to enable 2 hours of small current mode

      Double pressing the button will enable 2 hours of small current mode to charge your Bluetooth headphones or Mi Band.
      No more worrying about how you will charge your small current devices.

      • Bluetooth headphones
      • Mi Band

      High quality circuit chip ensure all-round safety

      Using a high-accuracy obstruction sensor, the circuit chip remains safe and can improve conversion rate while keeping a steady voltage. No matter if the power bank is outputting charge, inputting charge, or in standby mode, you won't have to worry about over charging, excessive output, overheating or short circuiting with this upgraded safety design.

      • Temperature control and protection

        A heat sensitive resistor has been added as well as a temperature management mechanism to ensure that the battery operates within a safe temperature range.

      • Short circuit protection

        In the unlikely case of a short circuit occurring, the motherboard and battery are automatically protected.

      • Reset protection

        A reset circuit mechanism has been added. In case the power bank is suddenly unable to perform normally, it can be restored by pressing the Current check button.

      • Input overvoltage protection

        Though OVP circuit management, overvoltage is prevented during charge input, and damage to backend circuits is avoided.

      • Reverse insertion protection

        When a data cable's Micro USB is inserted in the reverse, the circuits will automatically cut off power to protect the device.

      • Overcurrent protection

        Through smart and timely sensing of output current, the power bank is able to automatically shut off output when current exceeds a certain limit in order to protect your device.

      • Output overvoltage protection

        Through smart and timely sensing of output voltage, the power bank is able to automatically shut off output when voltage exceeds a certain limit in order to protect your device.

      • Battery overcharge protection

        A specialized Japanese lithium battery component has been added that can effectively prevent the battery from overcharging as to avoid damage to the battery.

      • Hardware level battery protection

        A hardware sensor is able to respond quickly when the battery is overcharged or in the case of a short circuit to obstruct the battery circuit and ensure battery safety.

      *The above data was obtained from Zimi laboratories. Actual data may vary due to changes in environment.